VR App Development Company: What you need to know?

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The rise in VR app development Companies 

In today’s world, there is a growth of VR and AR app development studios. Although AR has started to dominate mobile applications, VR still has lots of room to grow. However, the cutting-edge trend has been all about Virtual World these days. VR is remarkably advanced. It is able to create the next level of user experience design (UX).

VR remains as one of 2019’s most sought-after latest technology trends. VR technology is not used just for playing games. Multiple users of VR include education and real estate industries. They have started to explore how VR can be applied to their businesses. Read our 360 Virtual Tour article to understand how virtual space is used in Real Estate.

The software has been able to extend its reach to global mass markets. There is an increase in market demand for VR solutions. VR has become more relevant now. More app companies are creating a simulated world for businesses.

The Design Process of Developing a Virtual Reality App that provides an immersive experience

Application Design Document

The VR app development team will create a design document. The document is used to plan out the environment, art, sound and story. This is done after the company has gotten approval from clients.

Creating a Prototype 

They will design and develop a prototype focused on interaction. They will do so once the app design document is done.

Design of Graphics 

Next, they will work on the 3D Models, materials, and lighting. This step focuses more on the visuals.  

Developing the VR App

The graphic design is done with the Application Design Document. This is one of the most important steps in the VR app development.

Testing of the Prototype 

The VR app development process includes many testings. This is to allow the company to test for bug fixing, user interface design as well as verification. 


In the final step, the company will test the completed product. The company will set up the device and install the application for training and hardware. 

Watch this video to get an idea of the VR development process:

Virtual Reality Application Development Team 

Creating an immersive VR App involves a team of specialists. Here are the different people that make up the VR game development team:

Concept Artist

A concept artist draws inspiration for the scenes. This can range from the characters, creatures, and environments. Concept art is used to imagine ideas. Once the ideas are approved, they are ready for production.


An illustrator specializes in providing a visual image. Such a detailed image matches the content of the idea for the VR game App. The illustration produced will help to bring the virtual world to life.

UI/UX designer

A UX designer takes care of the user experience of the product. They ensure that the user experience is logical and natural to the user. This guides how the user reacts to the UI or the VR itself. A UI or level designer then takes over to apply the guidelines to their work.

3D Artist and Animator

3D artists and animators use computer software to create 3d content. This allows them to do 3-dimensional modeling and texturing. Once done, an animator takes over to give it life through movement.

Level Designer

They imagine how users interact with the simulated environment. Level designers do so by putting themselves in the player’s position. They need to think about the logical flow of events. They take control of how a player will experience in the app.


Programmers write, check, fix and maintain the Virtual Reality apps. They create complex rules and conditions in the virtual world. These rules and conditions control how the app responds to the user’s actions. During the process, they will do an initial test for any bugs or errors.


Testers are responsible for running existing test cases and log bugs. They will also need to produce test reports after testing the app. These reports will help programmers to identify any issues that they missed.

Software used for VR Mobile App that provides a positive user experience

There is a bunch of different software that helps in developing a virtual world that maximizes user experience. Here are two of the most used software for producing visual designs in VR Apps:


Unity is a cross-platform game engine that Unity Technologies has developed. The engine supports more than 25 platforms, including mobile, desktop, consoles, and virtual reality as of 2018. 

The engine can create 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality games, as well as other experiences.

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is another game engine that Epic Games has developed. Unity supports the development of both 2D and 3D with features and functionality for your specific needs. 

It includes various tools to design immersive game worlds for a better user experience. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Benefits of hiring a VR app development Team

Employee from VR app development company doing some test on the 3d virtual world

Huge advantage for start-ups and large-scale projects 

Hiring an app company enables you to get various services. From business consultation to idea evaluation, and aftercare.

Unlike a freelancer, the company will be able to provide a more professional service and effective problem-solving steps. 

A VR app development company can help start-ups come up with a detailed plan even before launching the product. This makes them an ideal solution for start-ups.

Lower Budget

Another benefit of hiring a VR app development company instead of an in-house team or freelancer is the low cost. If you hire a development company, you will only have to pay for the work that they provide to you. 

Their payment may be a one-time or per hour fixed rate. Your billing will be based on the terms of your contract with the company. 

It can help you reduce your expenses and allows you to have more affordable company expenses.

Smooth Workflow

You will be able to have a controlled workflow by hiring a mobile app development agency. The project managers will give you updates on the project from time to time. 

You can easily accept changes or requests for modifications. There is no doubt that a smooth workflow would help meet deadlines. 

Technical expertise and resources

Development companies can offer you their knowledge and resources. This comes with your contract with the company as a complete package.

With their services, you can get the latest tools, licenses and apps. Such companies will be notified if there are any new updates. Therefore, they can suggest more advanced solutions.

VR companies have the ability to develop solutions for various industries. It just depends on how we can map the technology to cater to the needs.

Contact us if you are interested in engaging a VR app development company for your business.


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